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Finally, an organizer box for your most common transponder chips! Not only do you get the cases, it comes pre-filled with a set ready to go. Empty spaces allow you to add more of your favorite, and organize your chips for any job that you get. This set of chips bought separately is over $400, not including the case! Includes:

  • 20 Different Transponder Chips
  • 3 pre-labeled plastic cases (keeps everything organized)
Qty Description Used For
Box #1 4 (2 Glass + 2 Wedge) Tex 4C Ford Toyota Infiniti
4 (2 Glass + 2 Wedge) Tex 4D-60 Ford Mitsubishi Nissan Kia
4 (Wedge) Tex 4D-61 Chrysler Mitsubishi Kia
4 (Wedge) Tex 4D-62 Subaru
4 (Wedge) Tex 4D-63 80-Bit 80-Bit Ford
4 (Wedge) Tex 4D-64 Chrysler Y160
4 (Wedge) Tex 4D-67 Toyota TOY44D
4 (Wedge) Tex 4D-68 Lexus TOY50
Box #2 4 (Wedge) Tex 4D-72 (Toyota G) Toyota G-Chip
4 (Wedge) Tex 4D-74 Toyota H-Chip
4 (Glass) Meg 13 GM Honda Jaguar
4 (Glass) Meg 48 VW Isuzu Jag
4 (Glass) Meg 48 GM Cadillac
4 (Glass) Meg 48 VW CAN VW CAN
Box #3 4 (Wedge) Philips 46/PCF7936 Honda Nissan Hyundai Kia
4 (Wedge) Philips 46 Mits Mitsubishi
4 (Wedge) Philips 46 Circle+ Circle-plus
4 (Wedge) Philips 46E GM
4 (Wedge) Philips 47 (Honda G) Honda G
4 (Wedge) Philips NXP AES(4A) Nissan NI07


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